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Dream Center Academy


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About Us

Dream Center of Gaston County is an initiative established by leaders from local Government, Law-Enforcement and Bethlehem Church. Our mission is to support low-income and underserved individuals and families by providing programs that enable them to move toward self-sufficiency.

The purpose of Dream Center of Gaston County is to provide a long-term systemic change for people who live in Gaston County. Programs will meet both long and short term needs that are direct and indirect problems of poverty. Our objective is to improve the quality of life by focusing on three areas:

1) Children and Youth-Offer a variety of programs that support the educational goals of students at Gaston County Schools and provide opportunities (i.e. mentoring, music, sports, etc) that enable young people to develop positive attitudes & avoid negative behaviors.

2) Parenting-Provide single-parent support groups and family counseling. Conduct workshops and activities that help parents grow personally as well as professionally, and help families build healthy lifestyles – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

3) Community Development (poverty alleviation) – Implement vocational training that help men and women attain the skills and attitude needed to secure and retain meaningful employment.

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