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Round 7 Productions

About Us

Round 7 Productions is a video production company.

Using visual media correctly helps break down the walls and barriers between the content creator and the viewer. This knowledge reminded us of the story of Jericho in the Bible. God instructed the Israelites to march around the city seven times. Finally, on round seven, the walls of the city crumbled.

We believe visual media has this kind of power over its audience. Walls and barriers come tumbling between businesses and new prospects.

MISSION: Our mission is to inspire humanity through the power of visual storytelling.

VISION: We’re building Charlotte’s premier creative agency, making visual media attainable and convenient for any person or business.

- Growth: Life is short. Healthy things grow. We desire to see our clients and employees grow professionally and personally.

- Resourcefulness: We all run into obstacles. It's how you creatively overcome them that counts.

- Authenticity: We produce powerful yet truthful content. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

- Communication: We believe proactive communication is key in any relationship.

- Excellence: It’s all in the details. We do it well or we don’t do it at all.

Gaston Business Association
601 W. Franklin Blvd
Gastonia, NC 28052

(704) 864-2621

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