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Strong Like AK

Strong Like AK

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About Us

Strong Like AK is a passionate community of individuals determined to make the fight against pediatric cancer easier for patients and families. Our mission is rooted in strength, love, and unity providing financial assistance, free temporary housing during life-saving treatments, and comforting emotional support throughout this challenging journey towards hope. We strive to create a world where families impacted by childhood cancer no longer need to worry about financial stability and the burdens of treatment. Together, we seek to empower them with lasting peace of mind.


Strong Like AK
4th Annual Strong Like AK Take A Swing at Pediatric Cancer Golf Tournament
3rd Annual Building Hope Gala


Strong Like AK: 4th Annual Take A Swing at Pediatric Cancer Golf Tournament | Cramer Mountain Club
  • Strong Like AK 4th Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, May 6, 2024, at Cramer Mountain Club supporting kids fighting cancer.
  • Monday May 6, 2024

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