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About Us

Even our logo has meaning. The blue represents wings but also lungs for taking a cool, deep breath. The lines are the torus energy field of our planet and also of ourselves. The Capital A and lower case w are the first two letters of Awaken but they also are the Greek Letters for Alpha and Omega. Although this is usually associated with Christianity, in our case, it encompasses the beginning and end and beginning again as in the torus field and the continuing circle of time.

We are at a time in history when we have the ability to dig deeper into our past and find that which makes us all the same. There is a tremendous amount of division in the world but, when we look at out ancient roots, no matter where we are from, we are all part of the same tree. That tree is part of the forest that is our planet. We need to focus on the forest.

The challenge for the artists of Awaken Gallery is to use their talents to explore what makes us the same; To begin a dialogue, through the work, with anyone who views it, that can unearth similarities throughout all cultures. The symbols that are used are ancient but still retain the same meaning today. For instance, ancient symbols of power are used today to create logos for automobiles: to us, intrinsically, they still say power. It is the job of the artist to look at where we are today and create work that can speak to anyone to bring about an air of inclusivity.

It’s Time

The dialogue begins each time someone wants to know more. Our mission is to be there; to use these talents for the greater good. To show that we have been going in a circular pattern throughout history. It’s time to learn from the past to create a better future. We need to get off that wheel we are running on in order to move forward. You don’t need to speak a certain language or come from a particular place. This work speaks to all.

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