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Metyx USA, Inc


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About Us

METYX is a leading global supplier of multiaxial, RTM, woven, vacuum bagging, surface veils reinforcements, plug and mold production, design, lab and engineering, core and fabric kitting services as well as well a local distributor of world-renowned resins, adhesives, chemicals, core materials, equipment, and consumables.
METYX is an ideal solution partner from small to large-scale composites applications for wind energy, marine, automotive, infrastructure, industrial, leisure, and many other industries demanding high standards, know-how and creativity.
An impressive portfolio of products and services enables METYX to offer the most complete composite solution on the market. Consult with METYX engineers for your specific needs to speed up your production, reduce the weight, increase the efficiency and/or the performance, and eventually decrease your production costs.

METYX is represented in more than 30 countries around the World through distributors and produce at its state-of-art six production sites in Turkey, Hungary and USA.

Being a partner is different from just being a supplier, it requires a reliability, problem solution and guidance.

METYX is a highly responsive ‘Solutions Partner’, offering customers a full package of products and services, with reliable quality and delivery, effectively combining the strength of its production capabilities

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