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About Us

Building productive and harmonious teams is every business leader’s goal, yet too often “people problems” are chronic, and teambuilding efforts yield so-so results. But building harmonious and productive teams is Janice’s specialty. Her unique Teambuilding KIT helps you create effective, dynamic teams with a foundation built on:

K.nowledge Discovering your primary work/communication style; how it drives you; how it holds you back.

I.nsight Learning how to recognize other communication/workstyles, and the particular strengths they contribute to the team.

T.ools Utilizing new ways of communicating with other workstyles in order to get the very best from them.

The KIT is different than most personality assessments and strength-finders: it goes beyond self-awareness (important) into group awareness (crucial). Knowledge is power, and armed with new information about themselves and each other, team members spend more time focusing on productive work and less time on personality issues.

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